Care & Maintenance of Aluminium Joinery

Maintaining the finish of your joinery & hardware

Cleaning should take place at least every six months. In areas where environmental deposits are more prevalent, such as beach front houses and industrial or geothermal areas, then cleaning should be carried out every two to three months

Three steps to cleaning powdercoated joinery & hardware

Step 1. Remove the deposits with a wet sponge rather than risk scratching the surface with dry dusting.
Step 2. Using a soft brush/cloth and a mild household detergent in warm water, clean the surface to remove dust, salt or other deposits
Step3. Always rince with fresh water after cleaning to remove any remaing detergent.
Weathered powdercoat, blemishes or scratches can be restored with the use of a repair kit - available in the miscellaneous section

Precautions for powdercoated joinery & hardware

* Never use aggressive solvent cleaners on the product
* Avoid the use of any solvents near joints or plastic components
* Ensure that the solvents are thoroughly washed from the surface
* Mask windows if painting, where paint or plaster has spilled on the powdercoated surface, remove immediately with water or methylated spirits. Prolonged use of methylated spirits is not recommended.

Maintaining the functional performance of your hardware

Friction stays - These may become stiff if the windows are only operated infrequently. If stiffness does occur, a light spray lubricant such as WD40 should be applied to the joints of the stays. Following application the window should be operated several times to remove stiffness. Be careful not to use too much spray lubricant.

Hinges - Regularly clean hinges and apply WD40 lubricant when necessary

Cylinders - Keys can become harder to turn as the cylinder builds up with dust & grit, WD40 can be used to lubricate cylinders or graphite powder.

Locks - WD40 can be sprayed in to the lock body to free up bolts and latches

Rollers/Wheels - Keep the track and brush piles free of debris by vacuum cleaning regularly. Apply a good quality silicone spray to the track & brush piles. Do not forget to clean out the drain holes in the lower frame


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